Gold Miner


we produce gold and by-products where they exist.

Details of Gold Mining

Alluvial Gold Mining

There are three types of mining; Large Scale Mining, Semi Scale Mining and Small Scale Mining or Alluvial Mining. Alluvial Gold Mining is one of the least industrial business as its profit always stands in higher average with a small investment. 

Large Scale Mining is the biggest gold mining with an average production of 20 Kg per month while the investment stands in millions of dollars.

Semi Scale Mining is the medium scale mining although the production is satisfied, the investment is very high like millions of dollars.

Alluvial Mining is the small scale mining with small capital giving satisfied average monthly production of 4 to 6 Kg with some capable brand new machines working 8 hours day and 8 hours night.

Details of gold mining

Cat excavator 336DL ( 3 units ) $ 428000
150 DH gold washing plant (1 unit) $215000
Water pump engine (1 unit) $ 19000
Water pump small ( 1 unit) $ 12000
Kiya truck ( 1 unit) $ 48000
4*4 Hilux ( 1 unit) $ 175000
Working capital: $100000


The average production in alluvial mining expecting at 5-8 kg in a month , by making the full use of the above machines . One kg gold price is around $ 1750 and expected to be in a range of $1500/2800 for the next 3-5 years.


CAT 336 DL model excavators 3 units, 150 DH series gold washing plant 1 unit, water pumping machines with abundant supply of outer 8 inch pulling 1 unit, generators 1 unit, halogen light supply 1 unit, water pumping machine 4 inch pulling 1 unit, 3 or 4 ton pickup 1 unit, Nissan or Toyota Hilux 4X4 1 unit and a working capital of US dollars 50,000.


Among 3 excavators two will dig the land 2 or 3 meter down from the ground level, to reach the gravels contain the gold and arrange the gravels ready to prepare for washing, while 1 excavator will apply gravels to the washing plant has the capacity of washing 300 ton of gravels in an hour providing 180 m3 of water/hour. It washes and separates the rocks and stones contained in the gravel and allow the gold ore to flow through the carpet fluently.

8 inch pulling capacity water pump engines provide abundant supply of water to the pond from the river, while 4 inch pulling capacity engines pullout the excess water from the digging site to the clear the gravels.

4 ton pickups are to provide enough diesel for the site, while the 4X4 car is used to go rounds up and down with the necessary parts and service oil greece etc.

Gold Mining: Alluvial Gold Mining is one of the least industrial business as its profit always stands in higher average, with a small investment.

Gold Wholesale: AV metal gold in bar form.
1 Kg gold bar with 999 or 995 purity certified, internationally acceptable hall mark.
1% discount to LME prices.

Gold Exchange: We also offer gold sale and exchange service.

Gold Kilo Bars: 1 Kg gold bar with 999 or 995 purity certified and internationally acceptable hall mark.